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What is a personal trainer?

Firstly, a personal trainer is a fitness professional who creates custom exercise programs, teaches exercise movements, implements fitness regimens, monitors progress. Most Importantly, acts as a general guide in helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Personal trainers typically work with people one-to-one or in a group setting.

Who do Our personal trainers work with?

At Placemade, our personal trainers will work with anyone who is looking to improve their health and well-being through exercise.

Whether you want to build strength, lose weight, or improve cardio – our personal trainers can help you reach your goals.

In addition, if you are need of a specialized exercise like prenatal training, mobility training or rehabilitation, our dedicated roster has the experience to help you improve.

Similarly, athletes and body builders use our personal trainers to improve performance in their sport, and maintain general conditioning. 

In conclusion, everyone should consider working with a personal trainer at some point. Whether you are brand new to exercise, need specialized training, or you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast.

How do you Find the right personal trainer?

A trainer can help you reach your health and fitness goals faster! Choosing the right trainer is crucial in your fitness journey. Because of this, we vet every personal trainer who becomes a member. Most importantly, make sure only the best certified professionals use our space.

So if you looking for a personal trainer, check out our member profiles and book a consultation with a personal trainer who specializes in what you need.

Matt Zed

Specializations: Mobility & Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning, Body Composition, Boxing Training, Online Programming and Virtual Training.

Being overweight his whole life, Matt never did anything physically demanding until he decided to join the Army. After deciding to make a lifestyle change for the better, Matt lost 60 pounds within a year.  Then passing his training, Matt became a Certified Personal Trainer, and took up competitive Boxing.

Matt is still an active Serviceman and Fitness Instructor in the Canadian Armed Forces.

With Matt you will gain from his experience. In other words, you will get a personal trainer who uses modern sports science to develop, mentor and mold individuals into a healthier, stronger versions of themselves.

Eric Lutz

Specializations: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Body Composition, Online Programming.

Eric’s journey started when he was nearly 300 pounds. One day he decided to change his life for the better. 100 pounds, and several years later – Eric is now a certified personal trainer helping others through their weight-loss journeys.

With Eric you will learn what it takes to get and stay fit. In addition, you will have a dedicated coach who will show you what it means to stay the course, and believe in the process.


Specializations: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Online Programming.

Joanne helps people increase strength, physically and mentally, through fitness. As a former basketball and rugby athlete Joanne led other athletes through weekly strength sessions in the gym.

With Joanne, you will get commitment, consistency, and confidence. You will have a trainer who will lead by example and help you accomplish the hard stuff.

Cole Spitzig

Specializations: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Body Composition, Online Programming, Hypertrophy, Virtual Training.

Cole lives and breathes health and fitness! With a lifetime of physical activity under his belt, he always knew he would pursue a career within the fitness industry.

With Cole you will have a personal trainer who truly believes it is their responsibility to motivate and educate those he works with.  You will have someone who goes above and beyond expectations to help you achieve your full potential. In addition, you will get implemented strategies and structure to create lasting change.

Courtney Dyke-Elliott

Specializations: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility & Rehab, Pre/Post Natal, Sport Performance, Online Programming.

Courtney is a registered Kinesiologist, personal trainer and founder of Island Gyal Fit. Specializing in strength training, weight loss and injury management.

Courtney strives to help clients gain strength, empowerment and enjoyment in their individual journeys, while prioritizing functionality and positive self image throughout the process.

Rolin McQuade

Specializations: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Performance, Online Programming, Callisthenic/Bodyweight Training.

Rolin is a A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer, N1 Biomechanics Level 1, Athletic Truth Group Level 1, Gymnastic Course Lvl 1, S.W.I.S Muscle Testing, Eleiko Lvl 1 strength coach, and has completed various callisthenic workshops.

Rolin’s strengths lie in increasing strength, mobility, and resolving movement issues. He is here to assist you in making these strengths your own as well.



Specializations: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility & Rehab, Sport Performance, Online Programming, Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk).

Alan has a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science, as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Athlete Activation System Certified Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1, and Former National Waterpolo player.


Specializations: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning
Body Composition, Sport Performance, Online Programming, Boxing, and Muay Thai.

Meeko is a CCAA Academic All-Canadian, with Humber and George Brown College: Fitness & Health Promotion Diplomas. She is also a CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist, and Zumba Level 1 certified.

Together, you can embark on a journey toward better health and fitness, one step at a time.


Specializations: Strength and Conditioning Training, Boxing Training, Online Programming, Virtual Training, and Athletic Training.

Corey is a CPTS Level 1, as well as a CanFit Pro.

Corey will help you embrace new challenges, strive for  your achievements, and pass on his passion for health and fitness.


Specializations: General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility & Rehab, and Online Programming.

Will is Pre Script Lvl 1, Muscle Testing Lvl 1, ICANs NMP FMT, and Muscle Mechanics Lvl 1 certified.

Will is here to help you move better, recover from injuries, unlock your athletic potential, and most importantly, have a blast while doing it.

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