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Personal Trainer Corey Astley specializes in Strength and Conditioning Training, Boxing Training, Online Programming, Virtual Training, Athletic Training, and more.


Who is Corey Astley?

Throughout my entire life, fitness has been an integral part of my journey. My earliest memories are of accompanying my father, a professional kick-boxer and trainer, to the gym. Watching him work with his clients and participating in workouts with him left a lasting impression on me. I was fascinated by the satisfaction he brought to his clients and the sheer enjoyment that training brought to everyone involved.

In addition to my admiration for my father’s work, I’ve always had a deep love for team sports like basketball, soccer, and football. These sports demanded dedication, practice, and conditioning to improve, and the knowledge that my effort directly impacted my team’s performance was a powerful motivator for me.

As I entered my late teenage years, I ventured into bodybuilding and weightlifting, initially to enhance my performance in team sports. However, I quickly fell head over heels for the endless possibilities for progression within the world of weightlifting. Witnessing the direct, positive impact of my hard work on my physique was incredibly rewarding.

As my expertise in weightlifting grew, I started receiving more inquiries and questions about strength training. I found immense joy in educating others about fitness and helping them reach their goals. A pivotal moment came when I led my first group fitness class, and the sense of accomplishment I provided to others became an addictive high.

I eventually transitioned into working with individuals one-on-one, helping them achieve a wide range of goals, from weight loss and muscle gain to injury prevention and recovery. With over six years of training experience under my belt and having worked with over 100 individuals during that time, I continue to embrace new challenges and strive for achievements, both for my clients and myself. My passion for fitness remains as strong as ever, and I look forward to helping others on their fitness journeys.


  • CPTS Level 1
  • CanFit Pro

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  • Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Boxing Training
  • Online Programming
  • Virtual Training
  • Athletic Training

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Corey and I have been training together for the past 5 years.  For a beginner like me, lifting with free weights and working machines was intimidating at the beginning. Corey is always patient and very encouraging during our training sessions.  Because of my knee injury from 20 years ago, my goal is to stay strong.  Corey knows my limits. Due to my old knee injury dating back many years, my priority is to recover and build strength. From experience, Corey knows what my limits and weaknesses. This helps me to have total confidence in Corey at each training session.

Susan Chee

Corey is a great trainer and super supportive coach. He’s been my personal trainer for the past 4 years and I appreciate his “partnership-approach” to help me achieve my fitness goals. Not only do I feel physically safe with Corey, but more importantly, psychologically safe as well.

Sujin Son

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