Cole Spitzig

Personal Trainer Cole Spitzig specializes in General Health & Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Body Composition, Online Programming, Hypertrophy, and Virtual Training.


Who is Cole Spitzig?

I live and breathe health and fitness! I’ve been physically active my entire life, so I knew very early I was going to pursue a career within the fitness industry. I truly believe coaching is an art and should be held at the highest of standards – it is my responsibility to motivate and educate those I work with to go above and beyond expectations and achieve their truest potential.

It has been my job for the last 8+ years to strategically plan and coordinate customized training protocols to improve performance, functionality, and body composition for my clients.

The methods and strategies I use are real – Not only have they been tried and tested with my clients, but I too follow the same protocols as they deliver results. I truly enjoy implementing strategies and structure to create lasting change that will improve strength, health, and overall productivity. Coaching is my passion – I genuinely love what I do.


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • Level 1 – Stretch to Win
  • George Brown – Fitness and Health Promotions Diploma Darby Training Systems
  • Level 1 – SWIS Exercise Muscle Testing Certification

cole spitzig personal trainer


  • General Health & Fitness
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Body Composition
  • Online Programming
  • Hypertrophy
  • Virtual Training

Currently accepting new clients!


I have been training with Cole for the past 8+ months, and it has been a fantastic experience. While I have trained with several other coaches, the Coach Cole difference is a) the excellent programming that drives direct results correlated to my goals, and b) the intrinsic fitness learning I get from every training session.

Beyond the strength and fitness benefits… training with Cole has also helped me have several “outside the gym” benefits that have been improved my quality of life. I stand taller, I bike faster, I can lift heavier, I have far less pain. Plus, of course, the physique benefits (I told Cole I wanted a Captain America body and boy has he delivered!).

But most of all, through consistent personal training with Cole thrice a week for the past several months, I have become better attuned to my mind-body connection — which I can only explain as a deeper trust of my body, and a healthier mental state. Highly recommend working with this awesome trainer; Cole will absolutely drive you to your goals as long as you are willing to put in the work!


I think your unique ability is to have that little something for people to trust you and we believe in what you teach us. You have the knack for explaining things in way that it’s easy to understand. You are the little voice in my head that always encourages me to push me to my max even though I sometimes feel like I won’t make it.

I feel that your passion is fitness and healthy living just by the conversations we always love – you do what you love and it’s amazing that you share it with me during our sessions! 


You have a great connection with all of your clients – balancing the need for professionalism along with a personalized relationship which is so important! Excellence in training, amending my program as you see fit for my performance goals, and you do a great job with juggling the horrible agenda that I have, and always try to make things work! Your passion is truly in client experience, motivation and you have a solid understanding of training techniques/form and how it fits with our bodies.


Working with you the past year and a half has been a great experience. You’ve taught me about fitness and nutrition. You’ve taught me about having a positive attitude. You’ve given me the confidence to be able to walk into a gym and know what equipment I want to use and how it works. You’ve taught me about the importance of keeping stats and measuring progress. You’ve taught me good form and weren’t scared to correct me again and again until I got it right. Using apps to SHOW me and help me understand the mechanics of good squat form - that was helpful too. And I appreciated that you tailored a program specific to me – and made adjustments when I was having some difficulty. You’ve introduced me to some important ideas that place me on a path to success, both inside and outside of the gym. Thanks buddy.


Effective/clear communication in giving instructions and ability to motivate/encourage to get results. You have a passion in helping others to reach their health and fitness goals.


You are able to concentrate on your client 100% of the time. You have a knak for designing exercise routines and explaining how the exercise routines build upon each other. You push me to add weights as I never would do out of my own volition, and also to provide a balanced exercise program, which I would also not on my own.


Always trying to be a better trainer and growing in your career. Connecting what you learn to the exercises you add into my programs. Very keen on learning, and explaining your new found knowledge to help me.


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