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How much does it cost to do a training session as an individual?
Today we will be answering the question, how much does it cost to do a training session? Our guide gives you everything you need to know.

If you are asking the question “How much does it cost to do a training session as an individual?” You’re ready to take your health and fitness goals seriously. You’ve researched the benefits of working with a certified personal trainer, and you may have even looked up a few potential trainers, but now you are curious about their cost. 

The truth is the cost for professional personal trainers vary on several factors that affect how they price their services. 

In today’s post, we will provide you with a guide with everything you need to know about the cost of a professional personal trainer and understand all the various factors that affect their pricing. 

How much does it cost to do a training session as an individual?

Professional personal trainers typically cost anywhere between $60-$100+ per training session, but as mentioned before, many factors come into play with each personal trainer. 

What are the factors that affect the cost of a personal trainer? 

1. Certifications 

First off, the personal training industry is unregulated! This means anyone can potentially call themselves a personal trainer. It is essential when working with a professional personal trainer that they hold a degree and or certification from an accredited organization. 

These are a few of our top recommended personal training certification programs that are recognized in Ontario:

So when it comes to the cost of a personal training session, you can justify their higher rates. After all, you want to work with someone who has truly put in the hard work and investment to understand what they are doing truly. Certified personal trainers starting in the industry typically start at $60 per training session. 

2. Specializations

Specializations are another factor that can affect the cost of a certified personal trainer. After receiving their degrees and certifications, many personal trainers seek ongoing education programs to further their knowledge in certain areas. Here is a list of just some of the specializations: 

  • Bodybuilding specialist 
  • Group fitness instructor  
  • Mobility specialist 
  • Prenatal specialist 
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Breathwork coaching 
  • Sport-specific coaching 
  • Strength and conditioning coach 
  • Weight loss specialist 
  • Health coaching

Depending on the number of personal trainers’ specializations, one can anticipate an increased cost per training session. Personal trainers typically have at minimum 2-3 specializations, and often some may divert to being experts in one area, e.g. a personal trainer focused only on helping people lose weight. Highly specialized personal trainers in one area of focus will increase a trainer’s cost per training session.  

3. Years of Experience 

Besides certifications and specializations, one of the most significant factors determining the cost of a personal trainers session is their years of experience. Typically, the more years of experience they have, the higher the cost per training session will be. But with their experience, one can expect great results! If you are ever hesitant about your potential personal trainer, given their length of experience, they should have client testimonials. Positive client reviews can ensure that their training sessions are worth the cost, and you can get real-time feedback from their previous and existing clients. 

More experienced trainers with 3 to 5 years of personal training typically cost $90 to $100+ per hour. 

4. Duration of training sessions

The length of training sessions can vary between your needs, budget and how a personal trainer conducts their sessions. Typical training session breakdown lasts between 30, 45, 60 and 90-minute sessions, with longer duration training sessions costing more. 

5. Location 

How you choose to receive your personal training sessions will affect the cost. Is your personal trainer coming to you? Are you meeting them at a facility? Or are you doing virtual training? All of these play a role in the cost of a training session. Personal trainers who work from premium private training studios may have higher rates due to higher overhead costs than trainers who work at a general gym. Mobile trainers also charge higher rates due to potential mobile equipment set-up if you don’t have access to equipment and travel times. 

So, when you are thinking about where and how to do your training sessions with your personal trainer, be sure to ask about your options. 

6. Number of training sessions 

When training a client, a personal trainer’s essential role is to hold you accountable and show you results. Without consistency and dedication to your desired health and fitness goal, it will be hard to achieve your goal. Personal trainers typically offer package options to ensure you get the best results and deals. Buying sessions in bulk or training more will typically cost you less than only buying single sessions or smaller packages of personal training sessions. So if you are serious about achieving your health and fitness goal, invest in yourself and a great personal trainer. Commit for the long haul and not the short term! 

7. Additional support services 

Say you want more than just personal training; you also wish to get nutrition coaching and weekly fascial stretch sessions to help you recover and prepare for next week’s training sessions. Adding additional support services will increase your cost per training session, but typically bulking all personal trainer’s services in one will get you a better deal than doing each separately. Ask your potential personal trainer what other kinds of services they offer and or if they have partnership deals with other professionals that can help you. 

So How Much Does it Cost To Do a training session?

We know how challenging it can be to get the actual costs of a training session with a personal trainer. Thanks to this guide, you should now know the approximate rate ranges of training sessions and better understand the factors contributing to the cost of training with a personal trainer. 

As you know, several factors affect the way a personal trainer costs per training session. Understanding these factors should help you choose the right personal trainer who can fit your needs and budget and also help you ask more insightful questions to understand their costs and how you can get the best bang for your buck. 

Are you looking for a certified personal trainer? At our private training studio, we can help match you with one of our certified personal trainer members who are aligned to meet your goals. 

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