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What is a Private training studio?

Compared to traditional gym settings that are often crowded and open to the public, a private training studio is an intimate training space that fitness professionals can access to work with clients in a more private and personal setting. Private training studios create a more welcoming and inviting environment for fitness pros and their clients as these spaces typically curate the experience they want their members to feel, e.g. limiting capacities and or bookings to ensure the utmost private personal expertise.

Do I need a Private TRAINING STUDIO?

Private training studios are ideal for a fitness professional focused on delivering a one-on-one or small group experience or for individuals who prefer a more intimate setting to do their workouts.

Experienced fitness professionals can benefit from these spaces as they help to elevate and enhance how they deliver a client’s workouts and the experience they have during their sessions. Having an intimate setting allows for the following:

Personal: Clients who choose to work with a fitness professional more one-on-one want a more personalized experience with customized workout programming. Having access to a private training studio helps to provide an added touch to the client’s workout and allows a fitness professional to focus on them solely.

Friendlier: Fitness pros who work more privately with clients quickly find that their private training studio space becomes secondary to them and their clients. Private training studios offer fitness pros and their clients a more inviting feel as these spaces often limit to capacities = a more relaxed and friendly vibe!

Welcoming: Fitness pros want their clients to work out comfortably. Private training studios support this by allowing pros to work out with clients on their terms with their own allotted space.

Encouraging: When clients work with a fitness professional, it provides accountability to clients and their fitness goals. Private training studios further add to this as these spaces act as their home base for their workouts and can look forward to their fitness professionals waiting for them to show up = more accountability!

Toronto private training studio

I love using this facility when I’m in town. the owner is amazing and so very accommodating. I use the space for video production and client connections. The community that uses the facility is also great and I think that speaks to the caliber of the company.


Private Training Studio Use Cases

Our private training studio offers an experience that celebrities, and professionals private clients love. Private training studios are a perfect space for working with clients more privately, to working with smaller groups, hosting workshops and events, or even marketing your brand and business through video and photography.

Here are a few reasons to love Placemade:

Private Clients

Fitness pros benefit from private training studios when working more one-on-one with clients. They get a more personal experience for their clients. Because of this, it allows them to work more centered and hands-on around that one client comfortably.

Small Groups

Fitness pros who conduct small group classes access private training studios to ensure a high-quality workout. Working in smaller group settings in a private space offers a more personalized feel. This allows fitness pros to give extra love and attention to their clients.

Workshops & Events

Unlike traditional gym settings that are private to the facility and its members. Some private training studios are open to outside freelancers, businesses and organizations to use their spaces to support their clients and members through workshops and events. These are great for professional clients and or members as ongoing development further adds value to them and their businesses.

Video & Photography

In today’s society, video and photography are used to promote pros and their businesses. Private training studios are a great space to access for shooting content. A professional can set it up to match their brand’s identity and service offerings and present themselves in a more elevated way.

Private Training STudio Advantages

Private Training Studios are great for fitness professionals, personal trainers and or other independent health and fitness pros to use for clients who wish to train in an intimate setting. Intimate settings are excellent for fitness pros clients who are:


Clients who have are new to working out might not know what types of equipment to use or even where to start when thinking of working out. Hiring a fitness professional and private training studio is a perfect combination to help those new to fitness. They can take their time showing them how to use equipment and set up a workout program safely and effectively.

2. Have Gymtimidation

Some clients might be intimidated by the regular gym environment. With so many people around, fears and anxieties can surface. A private training studio can help eliminate these worries. This is because these spaces often limit who is allowed in at the time. The support of a fitness professional can further improve a client’s confidence.

3. Experienced Fitness Enthusiasts:

Advanced clients may look for new environments. Experienced fitness pro’s can benefit from private training studios by keeping clients focused on workouts. No waiting around for equipment, or getting distracted by other members. Fitness pros working with experienced clients, in a private training studio, can focus more directly.

4. Local & International Celebrities:

Anyone who becomes well known or “famous” in otherwords, understands the need for a private place to train. Somewhere they can feel comfortable being out of the public eye, and can focus on their health and fitness goals. Learn more about our celebrity training studio.

How Do I get Started?

Getting access to our private training studio simple! Just click the “Book Space” button below. This will take you our booking portal. You can book space for a single use, or become a member for recurring scheduled access to the private training studio.

Would add more stars to this if we could! Fantastic place and the owner is just amazing to work with! Whether you’re looking to train your clients or use the space for a photo/video shoot…just get in touch.

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