Which Gym Do Celebrities Go To?
Which Gym do Celebrities go to? Here is our list of top 5 training studios where Celebrities love to break a sweat!

Have you ever wondered “which gym do celebrities go to”? There’s little denying that celebrities like the Kardashian’s are body and image icons. Their colossal cultural power has shifted the standards of body health to glorify everyday perfection. Which they give credit only to their daily workouts!

Even though the legitimacy of the hard work they put into their bodies has always been up for debate. There are celebrities out there who have worked hard to build their bodies.

The question is, where do they do that?

It’s often we’ll look to hard-working celebrities for inspiration. It only makes sense we want to know where A-listers like Beyoncé, Jason Derulo and Kylie Minogue break a sweat. 

Yes working out at these gyms comes at a pretty price point. Spotting ALL your favorite stars is likely low (we’d love a swanky home gym wouldn’t we…). However, you’ll be sweating it out alongside some of the world’s best celebrity trainers. Not to mention, in some of the most exclusive celebrity training studios.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the most elite celebrity training studios from around the world to answer your question “which gym do celebrities go to?”, and help you feel the burn like your favorite superstar. 


1. Granite Gym in Beverly Hills, USA

Loved By: Bradley Cooper, Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner

The Details:

Step into one of the most elusive private training studios in Beverly Hills. Located in a hidden basement space, and fully equipped with a paparazzi-proof car park. Housing, world class trainers to whip you into shape. But most importantly, trailblazing labs to conduct bioelectrical impedance analysis on your body.

Not to mention the 3D body mapping for the most optimal fitness results. This is all just part of the everyday routine at this illustrious celebrity workout spot.

Granite features an exclusive 7-day comprehensive process. Designed by owner Grant Roberts that promises to help you create a more balanced lifestyle. Because of this processes, you will receive a healthy dose of discipline.

2. CompleteBody in New York, USA

Loved By: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Keanu Reeves, 50 Cent, Anderson Cooper

The Details:

Featuring premium fitness equipment, fifteen-foot Himalayan pink-salt walls, infrared saunas and even a doggy daycare. Due to these killer features, some of the fittest celebrities in Hollywood are attracted to this training studio.

Their in-studio classes are sure to meet the needs of any fitness enthusiast beginner or advanced. Mainly because of their personal training services embrace a comprehensive results-based strategy. Not to mention, they have a spa on site to help ease those aching muscles.

Not into in-person classes? No problem, because CompleteBody hosts online zoom classes too.

3. SOMA Collection in Sydney, Australia

Loved By: Rebel Wilson, Hugh Sheridan, Chris Appleton

The Details:

More of an oasis than a gym, SOMA boasts its space as a replica of a 5-star hotel. Get sinfully lost in this wellness club amongst its mood lighting and linen drapes. All while treating your body to ballet barre, reformer Pilates, and infrared saunas.

If you’re looking to bulk up for the season, SOMA isn’t it for you. However this wellness club does offer a juice bar, onsite flexologist, and a barber service available once a week. Exclusive is the name of their game.

4. Bodyism in London, UK

Loved By: Lara Stone, David Beckham, Pippa Middleton

The Details:

 A sanctuary away from the hustle of everyday life, this unique fitness experience begins with a complimentary Body Oracle consultation that carefully assess how your body functions. Then jump into one of their specially created classes like Bodyism Boxing, Bodyism Ballet and B-Yoga. Members can also get access to the gym and personal training services.

If you’re in search for a hidden energy boost, look nofruther. Because, Bodyism is purified and oxygenated meaning every breath is boasted to energize and cleanse your body. The lighting has also been designed to provide vitamin D to maintain optimal health. Unique may be an understatement.

5. Studeo 55 in Vancouver, Canada

Loved By: Harrison Ford, Halle Berry, Ben Affleck

The Details:

Modeled after the Four Seasons Hotel, hence this boutique training space is a top spot for celebs in Hollywood. Owner Nathan Mellalieu embraces an empathetic approach that focuses on a star’s mental health. Because of this he is making sure that they’re working out for the right reasons.

His star-approved workouts consist of dynamic, multi joint movements. Created to bring focus back to fitness and away from body image. That is why Studeo takes a holistic-style approach to training, physio and nutritionist initial visits are included in the sign up.

Placemade Celebrity Training Studio

Now that we have answered your question, which gym do celebrities go to? You’ll know where you can break a sweat like your favorite celebrity!

Celebrities are always looking for a training studio that offers them maximum privacy along with the most effective fitness routines. You may not spot Adelle squatting next to you, but you’ll definitely reap the benefits of a body-changing fitness routine.

Which gym do celebrities go to in Toronto? Cue Placemade. 

We have one of the most exclusive training studios available for celebrities, and private members. Because of this we are able to serve up one of Toronto’s most intimate, and premium training spaces.

Getting access to our celebrity training studio is super simple. First become a member, then book your private workout room.

Still unsure? Book a 30 minute tour, then have all your questions answered when you come see the space for yourself. After the tour, leave on a sweet note with a fresh fruit juice from our on-site juice bar!


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