Placemade.co is a celebrity training studio in Downtown Toronto. Book a private space to train while in the city.

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What is a Celebrity Training Studio?

A celebrity training studio is for anyone who becomes well-known or “famous” in other words. Celebrities require a private training space to train. These studios are not open to the public and must be booked in advance to gain access. Celebrities can feel comfortable being out of the public eye, and can focus on their health and fitness goals. Either on their own, or with the support of their health and fitness professional coaching them along the way.

Do I need a Celebrity TRAINING STUDIO?

Being a “celebrity”, public recognition of individuals or groups is higher due to their fame. This is why training studios are great for individuals or groups – they get a private space to train. Work on you health and fitness goals without worrying about being spotted or interrupted by the general public. Health and fitness professionals who have an A-list clientele can also benefit from a private space.

Whether you are a celebrity or a professional with A-List clientele, celebrity training studios are perfect for you. You get:


Celebrity training studios offer a private space to break a sweat in. This lets you feel confident, and safe because the space is only for you! And, of course your coaches and other training professionals.

Better focus:

Being a celebrity or working one as a coach can be challenging. This is because finding an accessible place to train, without drawing the attention can be almost impossible. A celebrity training studio can give 100% privacy for your training sessions. This is because the space can only be used by its designated booker.

Fewer distractions:

Celebrity training studios are private and often only open to a selected few. Celebrities can avoid the distractions and interruptions of people wanting celebrities’ time and attention and focus on a good quality training session getting them closer to achieving their health and fitness goals.

Celebrity Training Studio Benefits

Celebrity Training Studios are private spaces to be used for a variety of different uses, from personal training sessions, recovery, wellness to personal workouts.

Here are a few reasons celebrities love Placemade:

Personal training sessions

Celebrity training studios are excellent for one-on-one personal training sessions with a health and fitness professional as the space is private and closed-off to the public.

Personal workouts

Celebrities can utilize these training studios while travelling or away from their home locations to access the space for their own personal workouts if other fitness training options are not available or if they need access to better equipment options.

Personal Wellness

Celebrities who may want more of a wellness approach, i.e. Yoga, Pilates, or barre classes, can also benefit from celebrity training studios as they can work privately with their instructors.

Personal Recovery

If a celebrity requires rehabilitation work, i.e. fascial stretch therapy, physical therapy and other manual therapy work, this type of training studio can also act as a hub for them to perform this recovery.

Celebrity Training Studio Advantages

Celebrity training studios are similar to private and personal training studios in the sense that they provide the following:

1. Private

Celebrities can feel more confident that the utmost privacy will be provided to them while working towards their health and fitness goals in a celebrity training studio.

2. Intimate

Celebrities can focus on their workouts in a more personal space than traditional fitness settings that are open to the public and sometimes crowded.

3. Supportive

Your workouts matter, too, and to achieve your desired health and fitness goal, you need to be consistent. Being a part of a dedicated celebrity training studio and working with a fitness professional, you’ll gain the accountability and support you need to reach your goals.

How Do I get STarted?

Getting access to our celebrity training studio simple! Just click the “Book Space” button below. This will take you our booking portal. You can book space for a single use, or become a member for recurring scheduled access to the private training studio.

Would add more stars to this if we could! Fantastic place and the owner is just amazing to work with! Whether you’re looking to train your clients or use the space for a photo/video shoot…just get in touch.

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Placemade is your celebrity training studio located Downtown Toronto on Richmond St E.

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