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What is Private Exercise?
What is private exercise? Here is a detailed break down to simplify how you think about your solo workout routines.

Today I will break down what private exercise means and the type of space people would use to work out privately.

I know you’re probably thinking what is private exercise? In short, private exercise is a term used to describe an intimate workout session in an exclusive training space.

This guide will help you:

  1. Understand what private training is
  2. Share tips to help you see if private training might be a good fit for you and
  3. Locate and access private training spaces.

Let’s start at the basics.

What is Private Exercise?

At it’s simplest form, private exercise is a private workout session that takes place in an intimate setting. You can choose to work out solo in a private training studio or privately with a certified health and fitness professional.

However, if you choose to work with a certified trainer, you’ll get the opportunity to learn first hand from their experience.

You might be wondering is personal training right for you? Is it good for beginners? And what if you just need help with one particular goal?


We’re going to dive right in to the 5 benefits of working out in an intimate training space.

1. Exclusive access

Because private training studios are not freely open to the public, this means they often require a membership and/or booking in advance to access the space.

On one hand a disadvantage is that walk-ins are not accepted, but on the other hand, a huge advantage to this is you get the unique opportunity to get access to top quality equipment in an exclusive workout space.

2. undivded attention

A private training studio is where a certified health or fitness professional would host your private session. The benefit of a private space for a personal trainer is that they get to provide you with their undivided attention. But even better, the benefit of their undivided attention for you is that you get maximum results from your session. 30 minutes or an hour of just you and your personal trainer in the zone.

3. minimized overcrowding

Private training studios typically limit the number of people in the studio to minimize overcrowding. Why? Well, have you ever been to a traditional gym at peek hours? If you have, you’ll know for instance that the equipment you want to use is already in use which means your 1 hour gym session may now be 3. That, coupled with strangers sweating seconds always from you might not be your cup of tea.

Cue a personal training studio. Because you don’t have to compete for equipment or space at a private training studio, you can work out in one of the best stress-free environments.

4. more personal space

Personal space is essential in minimizing distractions. For example, you may notice this if you’ve ever tried to work in a crowded library. Although the atmosphere is created to study, the amount of people alone can be a visual distraction or drain on our energy.

Working out at a private training studio gives you the privilege of working out with carved out personal space allowing you to exercise more effectively and efficiently.

5. judgement free zone

A private training studio is a community of supportive fitness enthusiasts. Each individual fitness goer has they own goals that they are dedicated to. This means, above all, their eyes are on one thing and one thing only, their finish line, not yours.

But most importantly, with others around who are focused on the right things, you’ll never have to feel intimidated.

Ready to find out if a private trainer is right for you?

IS Working out with a private trainer right for me?

Private training is excellent for any level of fitness enthusiast.

Let me explain.

fitness beginners

Firstly, private training is an excellent starting point for those who are brand new to fitness. If you are unsure about what type of exercises to do or even how to do them, hiring a private fitness professional to guide you is what you need.

Private trainers specialize in demonstrating how to perform the exercises safely and which kinds of movements will get you the results you need.

Intermediate trainers

In addition to beginners, private training is a smart choice for intermediate trainers as well. For instance, you may go see a trainer if you’ve reached a plateau, or if you’re looking to learn a new niche. Certified fitness professionals can create a custom program catered to your current capabilities. Whatever the reason may be, a professional will carve a path that best meets your needs at the time.


Lastly is individuals who might need rehabilitative or medically advised support. Just as personal trainers are good to work with for a fitness plateau, they are equally as great for helping aid in your recovery journey. Working privately with your coach will help provide you with the accountability and program you need to make sure you get better safe and effectively.

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Thanks to this guide, you should now understand what private exercise is. To sum up, remember private exercise:

  1. Refers to private training.
  2. At personal training studio gives you unique exclusivities.
  3. Typically works best with a health and fitness professional coaching you towards a fitness goal.

Thinking about your next workout session? Maybe it’s time to consider private training with a certified fitness professional in a private training studio!

What is Private Exercise?
What is Private Exercise? Today I will break down what private exercise means and the type of space people would use to work out privately.


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