Personal Training Studio is the #1 personal training studio for health and fitness professionals. Located Downtown in Toronto Ontario.

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What is a Personal training studio?

A personal training studio is a more private setting for working out with certified health and fitness professionals. Personal training studios are for personal trainers, and fitness instructors with small group classes. This is why personal training studio’s are considered untraditional gyms. Personal training studios are dedicated facilities that health and fitness professionals can rent for private and personal access to.

Do I need a Personal TRAINING STUDIO?

Personal training studios are excellent spaces for certified health and fitness professionals and or wellness and fitness instructors to work with clients more directly one-on-one, semi-privately or in small groups.

Health and fitness professionals who choose to work from personal training studios can benefit from these spaces by providing an intimate, professional feel to the clients they work with while building their health and fitness businesses on their terms.

Personal training studios can function in two ways:

1. Hiring certified health and fitness professionals as their staff or allowing them to rent out studio space.

2. Allowing experienced fitness professional to access the studio when working 101 or in groups with their client(s).

Depending on where you are at in your career, choose the best option that works for you. Personal training studios are also great for clients looking to work with certified health and fitness professionals. It allows them to create a customized workout program that achieve their desired goals.

Working with a dedicated professional in a private training studio space will ensure a high chance of success in reaching your goals.

Wellness and fitness Instructors who want to provide small group training sessions also benefit from personal training studios. This is because they can run their own types of classes from these facilities.

Whether you are a health and fitness professional, a client looking to work with one, or a wellness and or fitness instructor. A Personal training studio is an ultimate experience to work in.

Would add more stars to this if we could! Fantastic place and the owner is just amazing to work with! Whether you’re looking to train your clients or use the space for a photo/video shoot…just get in touch.

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Personal Training Studio Uses

Personal training studios provide an experience clients will love who like to work privately with professionals, semi-privately with friends, family or coworkers, and for wellness and fitness instructors who offer smaller group sessions.

Here are a few reasons to love private training studio’s:

Private Workouts

A private personal training studio is perfect for health and fitness professionals who work privately with clients. Also for clients who like to work out alone with their coach. Working like this provides a comfortable setting, that allows for more focus. It also allows the client to get a more personalized experience. Because of this, they enjoy the workout even more.

Group Workouts

A private personal training studio is a functional space to ensure privacy. This is why it is perfect for clients who like to work out with friends, family or coworkers. Personal training studios give you a worry free training session. Enjoy the session without others around.

Personal Trainers

Wellness and fitness instructors, i.e. yoga instructors, boot camp coaches, etc., face challenges finding accessible space to provide their classes or workouts. Private personal training studios can sometimes accommodate this helping these instructors provide consistent scheduling and location access to their clients = better business development and growth.

Personal Training STudio Advantages

Personal training studios that can be rented out are excellent for freelance or independent health and fitness professionals to maximize working with clients and growing their businesses in the following way:

1. Reduced Overhead Cost

As an experienced health and fitness professional, you likely have a good business and client base foundation. Working from a personal training studio can help step your fitness business up by providing a fully equipped training studio access to work with your clients. Thus, allowing you to earn more from your clients while delivering a whole studio experience at a fraction of the cost of opening up your own space.

2. Personal Feel

Private training studios are a great space to provide the utmost intimate setting for health and fitness professionals to train private clients. Private clients benefit from these studios as they allow minimal distractions during their workouts and their coaches’ full attention and privacy, boosting their confidence in working with you as their health and fitness professional!

3. PRofessional

As a health and fitness professional, using a personal training studio as your home base to work with clients will demonstrate the level of your professionalism for them and your business. Your investment in a personal training studio is also a direct investment in the tone you set for your client’s workout experience, so choose the training studio you work from wisely.

4. Zero Cost To Your Clients

In most fitness studio settings, a client typically pays a fee to work out of the facility. Since personal training studios are majority private to health and fitness professionals, your client pays NO FEES = LESS HASSLE to your clients and better client experience for YOU AS THEIR FITNESS PROFESSIONAL

How Do I get STarted?

To get started with a personal training studio as a health and fitness professional, look for the following before committing to the space:

  • Location: Ensure the personal training studio is a convenient location for you and your clients to access. Ensure parking and transit is readily available to ease the process for you and clients to get to the studio.
  • Accessibility: Find out how the personal training studio operates. It should be easy to get into and out of space and book sessions. Does the studio have a booking software, a calendar, an app, keyless entry?
  • The studio’s vibe: Feel the personal training studio out what is the feeling you get from the space. Is it welcoming, inviting? Can you see yourself as the health and fitness professional and your clients comfortable working out in the space?
  • Support: Inquiry about who you can contact if you have any additional questions or inquiries about the personal training studio. The studio should have a point of contact to whom you can go if you require additional support.

When finding the perfect personal training studio for you as a health and fitness professional to work from with clients, make sure the studio checks off these boxes. If you have more questions, don’t be afraid to ask. After all, this is an investment for your business and your clients.

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I love using this facility when I’m in town. the owner is amazing and so very accommodating. I use the space for video production and client connections. The community that uses the facility is also great and I think that speaks to the caliber of the company.



The perfect space is out there for you! Let’s help you find it today.

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