Rey Serwa

Personal Trainer Rey Serwa specializes in Strength & Conditioning, Sport Performance, and Mobility & Rehab.


Who is Rey Serwa?

Rey comes from an athletic background. Starting with ballet at age 6, then finding her passion in track & field (taking a liking to sprints & jumps), which became her main sport for 8 years.

Growing up with a lean and muscular physique, she recently found a love for a healthy approach to weightlifting. She has been able to use this to diffuse daily stress, and feel confident in any gym she goes to.

In turn, she is able to instruct others on how to lift with proper technique, and share her knowledge with clients, friends, and family.

Rey’s style of training is structured around strengthening fundamental movements. Reminding your body of what it already knows, and having fun while doing it!

Rey offers physical fitness, and renewed energy through personal training. Using a progressive and multi-disciplined approach, Rey provides diverse movements that include weight lifting, mobility, strength training, and cardio – balancing these approaches to movement with the goal of constantly challenging the body.


  • NSCA-CPT (Certified)
Rey Serwa Toronto Personal Trainer


  • General Health & Fitness
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Mobility & Rehab
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Sport Performance
  • Online Programming

Currently accepting new clients!


Before training with you, I couldn’t walk down my stairs at home without knee pain or holding the rails for support. Half way through my sessions with you, my knee pain is completely gone! I didn’t realize how specific workouts could rid me of knee pain. thank you for being patient with me and being a great trainer


“Since training with you, I have had way more energy during my work days, and my boyfriend says I’m happier.


During our sessions when I feel like giving up, I always remember you telling me, “Pain is weakness leaving my body”. That always pushes me through.


I have increased energy, and I’m feeling & looking stronger overall!


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